Corporate Finance

Our professional approach, our experience on local and international markets, allows us to study the most advantageous and adapted financing alternatives to the company. Humilis capitalizes on professionals' experience having in their asset the financing realizations on stock markets, on bond markets and in private equity.

Projects Finance and Structured Finance

Humilis advise the interveners (sponsors, banks, investors) throughout the negotiation and financial structuring process of the infrastructure projects. Humilis developed a specific expertise in the financial structuring and modeling of infrastructure and energy production projects. Humilis developed proprietary financial models adapted to the Algerian context and integrating the most complex financing structures.

Research & Valuation

Humilis offers its professional expertise for both private and public companies valuation and appraisal. Humilis use for that purpose the most advanced and adapted valuation practices to the valuated company context. Humilis adhere to the CFA® Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.
Mergers, Acquisitions, Privatisations and Partnerships

We put our knowledge and our expertise to the service of public and private companies to identify the most beneficial transactions and partnership forms for them. Our strong financial modeling capabilities, our experience in negotiation and development of business opportunities allows us to accompany the clients in all the phases of the process, including deal identification, due dilligence, valuation, financial structuring, negociation and transaction execution.

Real Estate

Humilis develops an exclusive professional practice in financial advice bound to the Algerian real-estate market. It counts among its clients Investors and the major local and international actors being interested in the development and in the potential of the Algerian real estate market. The specific skills in this domain complete the expertise of Humilis in financial engineering to offer a unique accompaniment in term of valuation, financial modeling, business plan assessment and financial structuring of real estate projects.

Private Equity

Humilis is actively involved in the private equity and asset management industry development in Algeria. Humilis is regularly invited to give conferences on the subject and Humilis is currently advising Private Equity funds for their in investment in the region.

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